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OceanFront Investments 


Detailed Design phase 1  


Kyaukkalat village Myanmar 


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Design Team
Stuart Davidson                                       Project Architect
Yar Zar Moe Htet                                     Sustainable energy design 


The tropical beach site faces the Bay of Bengal set amongst the beachfront coconut grove and the densely wooded hills The resort has been designed to be self-sufficient and sustainable . Using local materials and skills with timber frames and cladding, the site integrates into the landscape seamlessly. The resort comprises 2 phases of 70 villas with restaurants, beach club, bars and spa

Sustainability has been the focus of the design. As a finite natural resources are consumed more and more, it has become necessary to invest in sustainable practices.

Sustainability is one of the key factors in our resort designs.It is about conserving energy, reducing waste, preserving natural resources by using renewable resources, and recycling to move toward a circular economy.

At Green + Partners, we help guide our clients on renewable energies and the use of sustainable technologies such as solar power energy and rainwater harvesting.

In addition to the environmental benefits of using renewables, the investment made in sustainable infrastructure will pay off in the long run by reducing operation costs.  

The Arakhan resort is designed to be self-sufficient in :

  • water - using rain water harvesting and lakes with underground storage.

  • solar based electrical villa clusters and solar thermal hot water systems and cooling.

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