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Tripleline consultants / Dfid UK




Yangon, Myanmar 


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Design Team 
Giulia Poles - urban designer
Andrew Westcott Housing and affordablilty expert
Stuart Davidson - architect

Research and proposals for the sustainable regeneration of an inner city urban quarter with the renewal of 1000 dwellings and creating a Futher 1000 dwellings to create a new mixed tenure and use neighbourhood.

  • Analysis and assessment of key urban features affecting the neighbourhood and  neighbourhoods city wide context. Including stakeholders,

  • Demographics, existing tenants and tenures, socio- economic survey of residents, physical surveys and anaylsis, amenities and transport Education and health employment opportunities, cultural and religious survey, risk analysis , flooding , infrastructure needs analysis, market

  • Survey on housing availability cost.

  • Study of current policy and legal structures to support affordable housing

  • Proposals for a special project vehicle and betterment value capture to help leverage funding for the regeneration project.

  • Design of sustainable and adaptable dwellings

  • Design and integration of SUDS, greening and  improvement of public realm with Universal access, social and gender inclusion

  • Study of available local materials and potential value chains to develop

  • Incorporation of bio climatic architectural design and landscape solutions.

  • Creation of a development viability tool for financial assessments of regeneration projects of mixed tenure

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