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May Myo, Myanmar 


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Design Team
Stuart Davidson                                       Project Architect
Yar Zar Moe Htet                                     Sustainable energy design 


The Project comprises the renovation of the listed colonial house and the creation of landscaped gardens.

Candacraig was built 1904 by The Bombay and Burmah trading Co. for its teak traders. 

May Myo appreciated for its mild climate, pines and landscape was a popular destination for the colonial administration.The house has seen many illustrious visitors including Eric Blair a.k.a George Orwell during his time in the Military police force in Burma. He writes in chapter 11 of An hommage to Catalonia about the town and house. The renovation and extension comprises 32 new suites with a restaurant and spa. The construction type and materials are local with teak wood frames and brick noggin infill.

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